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The Highlander Journal is an academic, open-access, and peer reviewed online journal, broadly concerned with the study of Asia’s highland communities historically situated at the margins of the state, and is inspired by debates on the spatio-cultural aspects of ‘Zomia’. This concept was used originally to imagine an alternate cartography of upland Asia, which in-turn spurred debates on state, culture, and social formation in the so-called peripheries. The Journal is a unique and accessible forum for multidisciplinary and comparative discussions, taking these concepts within and beyond Asia and thereby engaging with global conversations on interconnection and fragmentation.

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Current Issue

Volume 1

Published December 19, 2019

Issue description

This is an introduction both of the first volume, and to the Highlander Journal itself, setting out the genealogy of ideas, debates and critiques, principally around the concept 'Zomia', that have fostered significant debate and provided the impetus for this project. ... See the full issue