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Photo Essays

Vol. 2 (2022)

Ritualistic world of the Tiwa community: a short photo essay

  • Manas Jyoti Bordoloi

December 9, 2022


This photo essay on the ritualistic world of the Tiwa highland community is a product of long-term field research carried out since 2015 in West Karbi Anglong district in Assam, and Ri-Bhoi district in Meghalaya, India. Unlike their lowland counterparts, Tiwa highlanders embrace the older traditions as evidenced in their ritual and cultural practices. The images in this essay are drawn from ongoing fi eldwork, and are supported by preliminary textual descriptions, though seeking in an ethnographic way to present a general picture of the socio-cultural and ritualistic life of Tiwa highlanders which is largely unfamiliar to scholars in an otherwise rich Northeast Indian ethnographic record.